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Re: Cholesterol, and new findings.


28to70 wrote:

I agree with Kev on this one. I thought I had a pretty good diet until I had a TIA back in 2006. I was editing some pics on my computer at the office when I suddenly began feeling a numbness in my right ankle. It began extending upwards my right leg and my right hand began tingling. By this time high anxiety set in and my heart began beating faster. I headed to the hospital emergency room and after all the tests they found my cholesterol levels really high, and an MRI showed I have had a few minor burnouts or glitches in my brain.

Nothing like a scare to set you on a clearer healthier path, and to this day I have had no problems, except that I still get like weird feelings in by ankle once in a while.

Just now for lunch I had lentil soup, and for dinner will eat fish. A game changer.

When I go to the supermarket I cringe at the people who's carts are loaded with junk food, 2 inch porterhouse steaks, and hardly any fresh vegetables. And these are the people that still have jobs.

I agree that it's very important to eat a healthy diet and exercise, of course...that's a given.

However, several recent studies have shown that cholesterol is not the evil that was previously claimed...and that most of the scare tactics were created by the big Pharma Co's to promote & sell the "anti-statin" meds...which brings in $billions each month worldwide.

One of my running buddies is a research cardiologist prof at Uvic, he's been a Doc for over 40 year now...and is about to retire. He said, the new studies show that 1) Cholesterol is only 10% produced by diet....and that 2) The Statin drugs to lower cholesterol only provide a 0.3% benefit....over a 5 year period. So in short, negligable.

I took Lipitor for 13 years. Despite being a runner and with an extremely low-fat/healthy cholesterol levels are around 6.8....instead of 5.0 (for my age group).

Both my cardiologist friend and my family DOC have told me to quit taking the Lipitor....coz, for somebody who eats right and exercises, with no family history of heart disease, the meds provide almost zero benefit.

He showed me all the new stats/ was right there. The Lipitor/etc meds are primarily a SCAM perpetrated by the drug companies. The family docs are also onboard...coz they push the meds and get kickbacks, etc.

Also, it's the SIZE of cholesterol in the blood that is key too. IF it's BIG chunks it's OK/fine coz it can't stick to the artery's the small grannuals that are the killer, which embed in the arteries and create blockage.

Lot's of very old people have a high cholesterol level, even upin the 8+ range...however they experience no adverse side effects, etc.


Worse than a scam. The side effects of statins have killed many, many previously vigorous people.

In some people, the drug litterally forces the body to scavenge protiens from muscle tissues just like a starvation diet.

First the user is crippled, then dead of the heart attack the drug was supposed to prevent.

Evemtually, this will make every other "bad drug" scandal look like a summer picnic.

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