Banging on about Oly JPEG color vs Panny JPEG color

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Re: G5's in-camera adjustment

Hen3ry wrote:

adrianf2 wrote:

Don't know what this has got to do with the G5, which also has good in camera adjustment.

The G1 had good in-camera adjustment too, Adrian, but I could never get consistent results with it. If I adjusted Sunlight a bit, it would work well in one situation but be way off in another.

I am showing this to explain to (very patient) G5 owners why I keep harassing them about color! They, along with published samples, have pretty much convinced me that it will be pretty good. it seems to me that even if it is not quite to my taste, it will be close enough for me to make adjustments work.

When I get the chance, I'll go to the store and take some test pix. They will have to be by flash. No chance of buying a camera in Australia and returning it because you "don’t like it" as seems to be what happens in the USA (due I suspect to their long history of catalog stores which were never so prominent in Australian domestic trade).

I must remember to take the Oly's stupid little accessory flash with me.

If I can find it!

Cheers, geoff

Not the greatest photo, but colour not bad for a G5 JPEG!

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