I need ethical help !!

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Re: I need ethical help !!

i totally agree. Return one for a full refund, keep one for yourself and sell the rest

this is an intentional part of their world-wide marketing plan.  absorbing the cost of the occasional mistake is a pittance compared to the alternative.

For example ppl could buy grey-market cameras and return them to sony at the local prices. Or do this with items purchased on sale. Or on items that "fell off the truck" or out the back of the shipping department

i'd keep the money for myself, since giving it to a charity often means the needy

get very little of the money, the rest is kept by the company running the  adds and collecting the donations. They are very skilled at using emotional manipulation

which from reading a lot of the responses works quite well.

if you must give the money away try finding an interesting camera-related project at kickstarter

DuaneV wrote:

Screw this. I would NOT waste my time calling back over and over. The OP tried to do the honest & right thing, but I tell you what, if this happened to me and I was told that, I certainly wouldn't be calling back again. They don't want to listen and take the item back, eff them. And I WOULDNT buy from them again, cause imagine if the mistake was AGAINST you next time?

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