Best skin tone in CMOS sensor

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Re: No camera has the best skin tone

Imamul89 wrote:

It was indeed the onboard flash. The ambient light was also a tricky one, with fluorescent light along with yellow bulbs.

Which means, you get a) harsh shadows from the direct flash (esp. when firing in TTL, as the camera will expose for the face), b) mixed colors

The best solution is to have at least one (ideally more) external flash(es) which you can bounce off walls and/or ceilings. If you want to expose for both ambient and flash, the flash should be covered with an appropriate color gelatine so that it matches the ambient light

If you don't want to get into all that (yet), the best idea with only the onboard flash is to do this:

With flash down, go to Manual Mode and get a reading for the environment. Then raise the flash (if auto ISO was on, make sure you match the ISO you got from the reading before), set flash exposure compensation to, say, -1.7, then take the photo. There are other ways to do the same, but I personally prefer full control.

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