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Re: To Godfrey and andrewtee.. True but almost irrelevant

Harold66 wrote:

All of this is fine and dandy but this is almost irrelevant. I , for one , do not need to change products all the time or to get new products every year but what you and Godfrey wrote in this thread is somewhat disingenuous. Ricoh had made several statements about introducing two new modules every year . This is NOT what "consumerists " asked for this is what Ricoh promised. They have clearly fallen short of that and have decided to stay silent on the matter. If , indeed , the pentax acquisition, had slown things down ( and personally I do not see why it would at least for the GXR line) they could , and should , have made a statement to that effect

Godfrey spoke about a couple of new items. the A16 zoom was delivered later than promised and I am not sure what is the other product Godfrey has in mind since he used the word"a couple"

even if someone is fine with the lens modules count , the fact remains that the EVF which was already kind of obsolete when it came out is a very average , and I am being kind here, tool. Espon has rolled out his new EVF and it would been nice to know that they are going to at least replace the EVF

Finally , may I remind you and a few others that it is RICOH and not us who chose to made a grand stand , what is it 2 and a half years now or more ? Of showing off all of these non-lenses modules about the future of the GXR line..

so forgive me if i do not share your optimism....

Harold, you have said this before and I understand your continued disillusionment but am I right in thinking that those promises were made before the merger? In which case it is probably unreasonable to expect Ricoh to stick to such a promise. And for exactly how long into the future did they promise to deliver two lenses each year anyway?

In view of the merger, I think we could give them a bit more leash before swaping the leash for a rope.

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