G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mike_PEAT Forum Pro • Posts: 12,984

When I temporarily lost use of my right hand due to an injury I got a flash bracket that was designed to be held with the LEFT hand.  I also had a remote shutter trigger to use with my left hand.

When I got some use of my hand back I got the grip strap in the following link:


One part of the strap attaches to the camera's strap point, the other end to the tripod socket.

There's also straps that just wrap around the back of your hand, but it's easy for your hand to slip out.

Hokie One wrote:

Please no "only you can decide" comments, I am just looking for ideas.

When it comes to camera feel (for ANYONE), it is ONLY the end user that can decide what's right!

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