RAF processing with PaintShop Pro X15

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Re: RAF processing with PaintShop Pro X15

Randy Benter wrote:

abelits wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

Please only process once (combining different exposures in other software is cheating). Thanks.

How so???

This is not even highlight or shadow recovery, it's a photo that has half of it severely underexposed and half of it severely overexposed.

Sometimes the dynamic range of a scene exceeds the dynamic range of the camera (or in this case the raw converter (SilkyPix)). This photo is a dynamic range stress test. You can see that LR does a much better job of recovering the highlights and shadows than SilkyPix.

And if your goal is to process such images, by all means use Lightroom, but I don't call it photography, it's more like... I don't know, image processing equivalent of necromancy. And once we are in that range, chances are, external editor/processor will be necessary for other reasons.

I am not bashing SilkyPix. I think it does a great job with details, but poorly with DR. Adobe does a great job with DR, but a poor job with X-Trans details. CaptureOne does a decent job at both, but costs $300, which is hard for me to justify as I already own Lightroom and RFC.

I am just looking for the best raw conversion option for X-Trans. I think we are getting closer, but not quite there yet. I have also tried starting in RFC, then exporting TIFF to Adobe, but that still doesn't hit the mark.

I am actually still in the process of trying to develop a better algorithm that can be attached, or included in, DCRaw (and there are probably others doing the same, maybe ahead of me). But for now, and excluding clearly pathological cases, Silkypix is still the most reasonable option.

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