D800 + CF 32GB ... 400 shoots...

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Re: D800 + CF 32GB ... 400 shoots...

It is good to know that it is not only my problem or a bug in my D800.

I've asked this question also on the NikonRumors forum and MR Msmoto gave a clue to look once more at D800 manual page 436.

Inspecting Page 436:
1) NEF (RAW) Lossless compressed, 14-bit file size 41,3 # of images 103 (on 8GB Toshiba card)
2) NEF (RAW) uncompressed, 14-bit file size 74,4 # of images 103 (on 8GB Toshiba card)

So from this point I would say that Martin Grecner post on sugeesting that "D800 displays the same amount of images left on the card for both uncompressed and lossless compressed NEFs."

should be the correct version. I personally think it's more than a bug than a feature. Putting about 30% away from the target... Have to make a decision when to change the card. And now it has to be luck guess has the camera already took the remaining space into consideration?

And one again do agree with Martin:

"I would prefer a good statistical estimate rather than worst case"

As pthoutex wrote: "This is quite different from my old D200. On that camera, if it tells me that I have 200 shots, that's all I will get!"

I do also have this precise on my D90. if Zero then zero.

Does any body has a clue when this auto recalculation works? after every 100 shoots? at the end? or at some unknown time?

to M35G35:

No the case. The CF card is brand new. Never used CF as was an owner of D90...

In PC shows full capacity as it should be.

Anybody know does the D4 or D7000 have the same feature/issue?

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