What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400?

panos_m wrote:

Draek wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

More often it describes those that think that their way is the only way and any who behave differently are "idiots."

My point exactly. When people can't let go of the notion they "need" a shutter speed of 1/500 to get a decent photograph is that we get this foolish notion that ISO6400 is an absolute necessity for regular photography. Like the guy who claimed a need for ISO400 in broad daylight and said ISO100 was only appropiate for "static" subjects, being stuck in a certain mindset allows some people to arrive at the craziest conclusions.

Facts are, most people lived for decades without ISO6400, in fact they seldom strayed from ISO400, and still managed to create a sizeable work of art and documentary that stays with us to this day. You're welcome to enjoy the capabilities of your current equipment when you get access to them, but to call them a necessity---or 14 stops' worth of DR, or ultra-fast AF, 3k lines of vertical resolution or anything of the sort---is where I think you start getting into "pretentious tool" territory, with the oft-held belief that your work is somehow more unique, important and difficult to achieve than everything that came before it and deal with the lack of your pet peeve just fine.

Then again, this website has its fame for a reason.

I am honestly curious. Where do you want imaging technology to stop? At what specs?

I fully agree. 640K is all we will ever need.

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