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E5 is good when used properly

alatchin wrote:

Looking at the noise in the comparometer here the E-5 looks to be about on par with the D300s where at ISO 3200 the D300s shows a clear shadow noise advantage but throughout the range shows less detail... So while the D300s has better shadows the E-5 seems to have better detail even at ISO 3200 (look at the bank notes).

Having said that the EM5 clearly beats the D300s for both detail and shadow noise when both displayed at their native sizes... if we were to uprez the D300s it would look even worse in the comparison.

People like to wail on the E-5, it is a very good camera, shadow lifting isnt the pivotal factor in IQ.

If you are using the E5 as you state here, then there is nothing wrong with it.

However, some photographers are more demanding of the files and AF than you are. These photographers will find limitations in the E5. However, if you do not do what these photographers do, then there is nothing wrong with the E5.

However, that you are not more demanding of your files or AF does not mean no one is. Telling photographers who are more demanding that they are wrong in what they are seeing will not earn you any points ... except perhaps to people who feel threatened that their equipment may not be the bleeding edge.

Alone, the E5 is a fine camera. When it used as you state above, there is little to choose between the competition and the E5.

Compared to the competition, WHEN PUSHED it is behind in files, AF and a few other less important points.

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