Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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LOL - but: I know some SONY-guys with similar personality problems

Nice story, Trevor, and I really agree with what you write: All major brands make nice cameras. I had Canon, Nikon and Fuji DSLRs before I turned to Sony equipment (NEX & SLT).

IMO it is generally quite amusing how people can get so attached with some pieces of plastic, metal and glass that they consider themselves being a Canikon snob or Sony guy. (Trevor I know you did not use the expression Sony guy for yourself in the sense that I refer to).

However, what I often see on the Sony SLT forum is that some "Sony-guys" seem to suffer from bad self esteem and think that they need to defend their decision to buy a Sony camera by all reasonable and unreasonable means. As soon as someone says a critical word about a Sony SLT, certain people almost start crying or fainting and use all kinds of arguments - sometimes totally ridiculous - why Sony is SO extremely much better than anything else in the world (recently somebody seriously wanted to tell me that Sony deliberately decided to have worse low-light capability in their SLT's because then the colors would be better than with the other brand's SLRs :-)) Of course you can always discuss pros and cons but some SLT-guys really take it on a personal level. I am sure you find such people on the Canikon forums as well. Nicely enough, the NEX forum seems to be free of those actually.

What I want to say is: As weird as such an arrogant superiority behavior of some Canikon snob appears, as weird appears the bad self esteem inferiority whining of certain Sony-guys, as soon as someone dares to mention a Sony problem. And I expressly do NOT refer to you, Trevor.

The best in any case is, as you did: to take it with humor.



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