What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400?

RedFox88 wrote:

So if someone only photographs sports at night under lights he is a bad photographer? Really now... It's about what light you are photographing and has nothing to do with the skill of the photographer!!

At least I never worry about limitations of my equipment; I do try to correct limitations of my technique though. And I've been learning every time I take a photo. But there are ways to go around technical limitations, like people were, are, and will always be doing (and there will ​always ​be technical limitations)

Sports at night you said?

Some years ago I took photos at a local volleyball game. The lighting was atrocious. With me I had a D40, a 55-200mm, and a MF 50mm f/2. I noticed f/5.6 @200mm and ISO 1600 could give me about 1/125. I got some quite good shots with it. Then I tried the MF f/2 - how I went around the limitations of MF? I pre-focused on the net, where all the action is anyway. I got some pretty good ones with that one as well.

If I had to make money out of that, I would've gotten a 80-200mm f/2.8 zoom. Doing the math, I could get 1/500 @ ISO 1600 with f/2.8.

The perception that someone ​needs ​ISO 6400 in a consistent basis is because people think they ​need ​f/8 "to increase DOF", and they ​need ​"1/800 [heck, why stop there, make it 1/1250] to freeze motion"

Sorry to repeat myself (or actually Thom Hogan), but he's totally right on the money on this one:
"Do you really need more than 12mp? More than 8 fps? More than ISO 3200? More than nine or ten stops of dynamic range? Certainly I never turn down more when offered it, but to justify paying for more gets tougher and tougher. And to pay for these gains in small increments is even tougher to justify. "

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