RX100 - How can I make this happen?

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Re: RX100 - How can I make this happen?

Unfortunately, this is one of the areas, where the RX100 is really restricted. I don't understand why they decided not to provide a maximal shutter speed setting.

As it is, I think you have the following options:

- Using shutter priority (however, this will force you to shoot with lowest aperture possible in these situations)

- Using A-, S-, or P-mode, using Auto-ISO with lower bound at ISO 400 for example. This works reasonably well but in some situations ISO400 will be too low and ISO800 too high and you cannot use lower bounds in-between.

- Using M-Mode. Unfortunately, the firmware is also restricted in this mode, since there is no Auto-ISO-setting.

I really think that this is one of the greatest shortcomings of the RX100 firmware. There are workarounds but in these situations it feels like the camera is working against me and not for me.


P.S: Sometimes using bounce flash with some flash compensation might also be a good solution.

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