Crop sensor extends reach of lense?

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Re: It's the angle

kelpdiver wrote:

Even if you can get a better effective image by cropping the 5d3, you still have the problem of seeing the action in the viewfinder when it's only filling the middle. If you're waiting for specific actions (open mouths, for example), it's harder. And does AF suffer?

I only had the 7d when I did my Africa trip. The 5dIII AF is an amazing step forward even from the 7, so I usually find myself staying with it, but when the Blue Angels were in town, I generally opted for the 7d "reach."

(It's nice to keep this thread focused on end results, rather than the semantics of what focal length means versus effective focal length.)

That's a very good point! I never thought of it like that (I only have the 7D), but that is very relevant to actually using the camera.

(I agree. Practical use of the camera and the end result are far more important than theoretical musings.)

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