Shut-up and Play Your Guitar.

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Re: Shut-up and Play Your Guitar.


Loachlover wrote:

Time to share your favourite Youtube clip of some awsome guitar work. Any genre or age will do.

Lets not argue about who is the best or sounds like Jimmy the most please, lets just share some Gems.

I'll start with one of my favourites - Ry Cooder and David Lindley.

You did say shut up and PLAY MY guitar....

I only have a few tunes on Youtube of me playing the's one of them, an instrumental I wrote/recorded back in 2003.

Covenant Of The Knights 1535

It kinda starts of mellow, Floydy-like, and then breaks into some screaming riffs.

The downside with YUTube is that the audio quality is just 128 kbps...which isn't very good.

Crank it...


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Hi Kev, The post title comes from a Frank Zappa double album that was named after a comment from the audience while he was on stage and not a request to see any personal stuff but your contribution is very good so it is more than welcome. I can really hear a lot of influences in it.

And while we are talking Frank Zappa, here is a clip with his "Stunt Guitarist" Steve Vai. I saw Steve Vai with Joe Satriani and Steve Luthaker a year ago as G3 and he is only getting better -but I think my ears were bleeding after two and a half hours.

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