K-01: Samyang 85mm f/1.4 or Tamron Adaptall-2 90mm f/2.5?

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Re: K-01: Samyang 85mm f/1.4 or Tamron Adaptall-2 90mm f/2.5?

By the way, I don't argue that all lenses from the Adaptall era are going to suffer from mediocre coatings or poor contrast - anyone who knows about the A-85 f/1.4 understands old gems are out there. Still, most of third-party lenses of that era just weren't in the upper class of optics. A lot has changed over the decades, making third-party lenses overall more competitive.

The Samyang has a few weaknesses - namely a bit of stop-down focus shift and loca at the widest apertures (nearly inevitable at this length and speed - except for the absolute best optics). On the up side, the bokeh is very good (especially at wider settings where you most often use the lens), and the lens actually can be put on bellows or extension tubes and perform amazing well; probably the best non-macro lens I have ever used with extension.

Poisonous Buck Moth

To give you an idea of magnification, the textured surface is painted adobe granules.

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