Which Of These Two Graphics Cards Would You Choose?

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Mark H
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Mother-board integrated graphics... (?)

BPB wrote:

Hi all,

I am back in the UK for a while so it is finally time to sort out a new desktop for mainly photo editing and document development.

I do not play games on my desktop(s).

I currently use the following software for photo editing,

Nikon Capture NX - soon to upgrade to NX2

Nikon View NX2 andf Nikon Transfer

Serif Photoplus X4 and X6 - X6 is new and I understand that on a 64 bit system it can access all cores of a multicore CPU and utilise all of any installed memory.

Topaz Adjust and Topaz Clean

Roxio Media Creator - also used for burning music cd's.

I am considering adding Photoshop of some variant as well.

For document development I use,

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Visio

Given the above information and the fact that my proposed new build will be based around an Intel i7 3820 CPU with 16 or 32 gig of ram and Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit, which of the following two short listed graphics cards would you choose and why?




I must confess that I do not know (or understand) if any of my current software can make use of the CUDA cores or memory of the graphics cards. I like the idea of the monitor connections on the Zotac card.

Looking forward to your replies.

Bryan (BPB)

Surely - many mother boards for the Intel i7 will have integrated graphics chip-sets that will be more than capable of everything in your list of application/usage needs.

Depending on what MB you chose, you may well not need a separate graphics card at all.

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