rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

Undah wrote:

I don't get it.. you were perfectly happy until someone posted something about a flaw that you denied existed.. now it's ruined things for you? (bold unintentional)

I wasn't 'perfectly happy' - I even started a thread on it's poor image stabilisation. I guess this was just the final straw in a growing list of shortcomings I was finding with the RX100 after I purchased it with such high expectations.

Yes, I did deny initially that the corner softness was a problem for me. But I only had my RX100 for 6 weeks and I realise now that I've generally only looked at images either reviewing on the LCD (zooming in on the image where you see the centre portion by default) or scaled down on my monitor. Of course an HD monitor is only 2MP, so of course a 20MP image is not going to display softness scaled down to that extent.

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