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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

Ariston wrote:

designdog wrote:

Anyone with some experience with Lightroom would hardly call it bloatware.

My intention was not to start either an Adobe or Fuji flame fest. This seems to me a similar contest to the Adobe Flash /Apple QuickTime battle, and we all have suffered through that.

Full disclaimer: I make my living with the Adobe Creative Suite products. Have since Photoshop and Illustrator, and the Mac, first came out. Not about to give them up. That said, I know neither is perfect, and I have always been willing to accommodate that.

I have about 80,000 images managed by Lightroom, on several drives, in the cloud, and on my server. Not about to give that up either. And I should not have to. That is my point.

Look, it does not matter who is at fault, Adobe or Fuji. The Fuji x files have to be wholly, totally, and completely processable by the mainstream, or they are niche products, like the Fuji S series (at least you could process these.)

And the mainstream, like it or not, is Adobe. Plain and simple.

Many of you may recall, in the euphoria of the X Pro1's introduction, all of the posts here by folks giving up their 5Dii, etc. for the XP1: image quality, light weight, etc. Of course many of those folks, like me, were not aware of the smearing issue. Few of them making a living in photography are doing it without Lightroom/Photoshop. None that I know, anyway.

The X Pro 1 is a great camera. I love mine. I just want to be able to work with it like any other camera...

of course we want it to work. I prefer working my files on Adobe softwares, but I do blame Adobe for this because their programmers can't even figure out how to solve the Fuji files or got lazy. I let Fuji off the hook since Silky and C1 are able to solve it. it's not like RAF files were really that difficult to process. stupid lazy Adobe.

Such statements always amuse me. Adobe has no obligation whatsoever to deliver a product. If they don't, then just go shopping somewhere else. It's a free market. That's the reason why people who need dependable performance only go with established systems with a long and proven track record. The X-Trans cameras are niche productst. At least for the moment. I knew that going into purchasing my X-E1. Taking the additional burden compared to Bayer sensors into account, I would almost consider it a blessing if a software company actually supported the X-Trans fully and properly.

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