What are your expectations from a camera phone, even 808?

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Re: Hand holding technique?

wklee wrote:

Part of my problem may be the hand holding technique. The finger can sometimes get in the way, blocking parts of the camera lens..

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Ergonomics and handling are indeed an issue with most people. A classic example of why some folks moved from the Sony RX100 to larger cameras that offer better grip and handling. The handling of any smartphones(not only the 808) will be more or less the same due to the small compact form which is even smaller than most P&S cameras. It's not only the holding technique or fingers that may sometimes block the lens of the camera. Whenever I wanted to get the phone out from my pocket, I usually end up touching the protective glass that covers the lens of the camera, leaving some fingerpint marks on it. Before there is any attempt of picture taking activity, I usually wipe the glass covering the lens with a cloth to remove any marks or dust. Quite a chore. Too bad the 808 doesn't have a cover over the lens which opens and closes at the click of a button as found in most dedicated cameras. Well, guess the 808 is still a phone.

As the size and form of the 808 (or most compact smartphones) are small, handling of the phone can sometimes be an issue. It may take a bit of effort to hold the camera steady while clicking on the shutter button due to the lack of grip. The phone tends to move a little when the shutter is released since it's too light(though IQ is not affected or blurred from the slight movement effect). Funny but true. Fortunately the high IQ of the 808 compensates for these disadvantages which are inherent in most if not all smartphones. As such, I can understand why some folks prefer larger cameras, not only for the IQ but handling as well.

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