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Re: best monitor calibrator?

chester0711 wrote:

I have an Imac (about 2 years old) and need a monitor calibrator. Any suggestions? if there are different price points suggestions for each would be great! Thanks.


In no particular order....

Datacolor Spyder 4 series - Express / Pro / Elite ($120 / 170 / 250)

Xrite Colormunki Display ($170)

Xrite i1 Display Pro ($250)

(prices are per USA market)


If you have the least bit of thought that at some point in the next 3 to 5 years you may buy an external monitor and that it will be an advanced model that allows for the monitors' internal LUT to be written to while calibrating, then consider buying the i1 Display Pro.

The new Dell UltraSharp monitors just now entering the market, do have a programmable internal LUT and there is going to be matching calibration software that will allow you to do this (the standard software that comes with the Spyder's and Xrite products don't) but this software will only allow the puck from the i1 Display Pro to be used with it. See the Dell monitors U2413, U2713H, and U3014.

Also, the current NEC SpectraView II software used with the PA series uses the i1 Display Pro puck. You can buy a PA series monitor (PA241w, PA271w, PA301w) and buy just the SpectraView software and use your existing i1 Display Pro puck.

The Colorvision Display puck, although it looks pretty much identical to the more expensive model, has some kind of a lockout that prevents its' use with the Dell or NEC software.


Some review sites....


PS.... I've deliberately left off the Colormunki Smile. It uses a puck similar in shape to the old i1 Display2 and if the internals have not been changed from that design, is not worthy of mentioning in the list above.

PPS... I'm not sure if all the lower cost models have a Mac version.


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