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Re: Yeah, I like Blade Runner too, but...

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Some of this shuffle seems, to me, like a dance around having to say: "what I *really* want is more professional-grade stuff for comparatively little dough!" Or: "I want your best AF and build for less than two grand!" Or: "I don't want to have to pay for a(nother?) D4 and its lenses to compete with the crazy dudes who have!" What's wrong with just saying that? I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to want.

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, isn't it reasonable for Nikon execs to wonder whether they can squeeze a D4 and even bigger FX glass out of you, after all? They might be looking on the D300s in all its mini-D3 goodness for a third of the price and saying, "yikes, what a big mistake that was." They might even have market data that suggests an unhappy number of cannibalized sales. Who knows?

If this was 2007, I might see your point, but then Nikon introduced two reasonably affordable cameras that were really optimized for action (the D700 and D300) with 8fps (with grip), very good AF based on the same system in the D3, good buffers, etc....  As a consequence of that move, Nikon attracted many customers who valued what those cameras were uniquely great at. Some small percentage of those might have bought a D3 if they didn't introduce those cameras, but most would not - they probably would have bought competitor's products and would no longer be Nikon's customers.

So, Nikon goes to all the trouble to make great and affordable products for the action photographer, win a lot of people who care about that and then for the next 5 years, does nothing else in that direction.  It's just odd.  It's as if they've decided that they'll see what percentage of those will spring for a D4 and then just let the rest wither and either buy nothing additional from Nikon or eventually drift off into competitive products.  That seems like an odd way to treat your customers - to just abandon their needs and not make anything else in the future that they can afford and would want.

So, Nikon can do whatever the heck they want - it's their company.  It just seems baffling that they appear to have abandoned a segment of the market (affordable, high quality cameras optimized for shooting action) both FX and DX.  Everyone I know in this segment also owns some long glass so they're relatively valuable customers in the long run (even though they don't feel like they can buy a D4 or that a D4 serves their needs).

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