zoom question regarding Micro 4 thirds lenses

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Re: zoom question regarding Micro 4 thirds lenses

Zoom ratios are simply the long focal length divided by the short focal length.

So the HX1 has a 20x zoom ratio ( 28 – 560 mm gives 20× ).

Kit lenses for the micro 4/3 system, are 14-42 ( a ratio of 3x ).

The 45-200 would give you just over 4x.

The combined ratio of the the 14-42 and 45-200 give you about 14.3x.

The sensor size of the micro 4/3 system is half that ( in linear terms ) of the full frame sensor, so to work out equivalent focal lengths in full frame terms we multiply by the crop factor of 2x.  ( Note that by comparison the Sony sensor has a crop factor if about 5.5x ).

This means the combined 14-42 and 45-200 cover an equivalent range of 28-400mm in the same full frame terms as the Sony HX1 28-560mm is calculated.

There is however a little more to this.

While the Sony sensor allows the large zoom ratio in a physically small lens, the sensor and lens combination is also not as capable at resolving detail as well as the larger sensor and lens combination of the micro 4/3 system ( particularly outside a lab ).

You also don't get the control of depth of field from the Sony that the micro 4/3 system has.

And of course the larger sensor on the micro 4/3 system gives better high ISO noise characteristics than the small sensor of the Sony HX1 ( or other similar small sensors ).

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