Why does AF-ON work better?

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Re: Why does AF-ON work better?

AF-ON uses the same focus techniques that other settings do - so there's no magic in the AF system when using AF-ON.

What AF-ON does let you do is switch between manual focus, continuous focus, static focus, focus and recompose, etc... without changing any settings on your camera - merely by how you use the AF-ON button.

Press and hold AF-ON continuously = continuous focus

Press AF-ON, acquire focus and release = static focus

Press AF-ON, acquire focus, release and recompose = static focus and recompose

Press AF-ON, acquire focus, release and then tweak manual focus = quick manual focus (useful for macro)

Don't press AF-ON at all = manual focus

If you're getting better focus and you're not using this flexibility, then it may be because you're now just paying more attention to acquiring focus than you were before when it was attached to the shutter button.

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