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Re: uh, it's really obvious what is going on

malch wrote:

Brian Caslis wrote:

So I've recently gotten the NEX-7. The lens choices are limited (for native lenses) but getting better.

It's true that Nikon have a great (if imperfect) line up of lenses. And they have done a superb job of maintaining high compatibility over decades.

But the best Nikkors are big, heavy, and expensive. And I wonder how much more life there is in the F mount. With mirrorless bodies, and new technologies for AF, VR, and more, there will come a point at which Nikon will be forced to bite the bullet and engineer another brand new mount. I think that point may not be far off.

Something I've wondered about in lens mounts.  Doesn't the physics of optics say that the diameter of the entrance pupil of the lens is determined by focal length and the max aperture only - nothing to do with any mount mechanics.  So won't a 70-200 f/2.8 be the same entrance pupil size optic whether it's an F-mount or a 4/3 mount of anything else?

Diameter = focal length / F-Number

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