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Re: I share the frustration!

rubank wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

rubank wrote:

The other day I was shooting (with the D800, not the gun) a beautiful red fox on a snowy field. Imagine the contrast: a red fox against a white background. Does it get better?

I took 11 shots of the fox. The camera was set at AF-C single point and NONE of the shots turned out usable because the camera couldn´t focus properly!

This isn´t the only encounter I´ve had with this behaviour of the D800. It seems unable to focus on anything from horses to furry wildlife. The number of unusable shots of deer I have is ridiculous, and for every sharp shots of my Welsh springers I have ten OOF.

It´s been said before: the D800 is a superb sensor in a mediocre (at best) shell.

I haven't had the opportunity to exercise the D800 on wildlife yet. It has proven, however, to be much more reliable on the interior shots, than the D600 I had before it. I'm finally seeing eyes in focus, without resorting to F5.6 apertures. So far I have only used single point, focus priority release. Not to wish ill on you, but I hope it is a matter of sample variation and not a global issue.

Don´t get me wrong. I have a lots of landscape and portraits in perfect focus, with all the glory the sensor can muster. It´s just when it comes to animals it is constantly letting me down.
And I don´t know why. I have tried every possible setting for the AF and nothing helps.

Is it me? Don´t think so. I didn´t have these problems with the D300. Is it the lens? Don´t think so, my most used lens is the 70-200/2,8 VRII.

I've been noticing my newly acquired 70-200VR2 is unable to focus.. it drives me nuts. If I put it in liveview, it works perfectly. back to normal shooting and it's blurry.  I fiddled with the af fine tune for my 70-200vrII and it seemed to help at about +8 for a while but later that day it was back to being unable to focus. haven't noticed on the 300F4 with 1.4 and 1.7tc's on the 16-35 or the 24-70. Just the 70-200.. I'm in Calgary, don't know if there is a service center here or not.. don't really want to ship it off somewhere.  Thought I'd share my experience.

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