S95 - Flash and Shutter Speed in Auto - Defective Camera?

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Re: S95 - Flash and Shutter Speed in Auto - Defective Camera?

irmao1 wrote:

mountainrivera wrote:

I was at a party yesterday and went full auto. I thought the camera is supposed to set the shuuter speed at 60 when in A mode using the flash. Instead it was exposing based upon available light so I was getting slow speeds. Is this a defect?

thanks in advance for input.

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If you're at a party, a presume there are people moving, so you'll need speed....

You can also make another approach to the problem. Here is what I sometime do when I'm

using this camera on a relax operation with friends:

Set camera in Tv mode. Set the shutter speed needed to freeze motion. Maybe like 1/100 or


Then turn on flash, get into the flash options menu and set it to auto. Here you may also compensate flash exposure, maybe +1/3 or +2/3, depending how much power do you need to get everyone into the picture. You need to try it. The flash will give you good light until 6meters is reached, more or less.

When you half press the shutter buttom to take the shot, you can also get a flash reading exposure by clicking the upper buttom on the rear ring buttom. The one with the exposure image.

This does not take a Flash reading in the traditional sense.  This turns on Flash Exposure Lock.

Is up to you with the ISO, but usually use it in a 250-800 range. Start with 800 and see the result. If Ok you can try less, but always shot to the right side of histogram.

This is a simple operation that will give lots of good pictures with no effort. Just take in mind that you will reach people in a range of 6 meters mostly, so don't expect the world ..... but you will get lots of good pictures instead of using auto mode.

Simple :

1 - Set the camera to Tv mode;

2 - Set the ISO needed to get good histogram of DOF wanted;

3 - Select the shutter speed that you want ( 1/100 to 1/200)

4 - Turn on flash and put it in auto mode using flash options menu;

5 - Maybe use the flash exposure compensation, depending the needs;

6 - Make a flash reading using the buttom explained;

7 - Shoot;

8 - fine tune SS or ISO to get more light or not or exposure flash to dark places to get a powerful reading.....

I hope this could help you using such a nice camera. Don't use it in auto mode because it suck's and that's why I love it more than others P&S. Is customizable and simple to use. You just need to understand what you are doing. Using the 2 ring's buttom you have total control over all and in Tv or Av is even more simple than M mode. Try this ....

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