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qianp2k wrote:

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qianp2k wrote:

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qianp2k wrote:

Technically Canon can design a 15-45mm F3.5 zoom for its EOS-M or Sony can design a 16-47mm F3.7 zoom for its NEX with similar size of your E-M5 setup.

Sounds interesting. Where can we buy those?

haha nowhere as there are no F5.6 zoom in FF in reality.

You are learning. Except that it was APS-C, not FF, we were talking about. No constant f/5.6 zooms for APS-C either though, although f/4 might be available.

Technical they could. Maybe one day Sony/Nikon/Canon realize to give someone like you exactly choice of small/light body/lenses without forcing them to switch to mFT. A win-win solution. Why not? I have no doubt Sony will announce FF NEX first.

Who knows about the distant feature? I want a system for now and the immediate future.

So it's the value of mFT so does Nikon 1 and Sony RX-100, Canon G1X... In another side, DSLR with a 17-55/50 F2.8 zoom has better high ISO at F2.8 in low light,

Not presently if it's APS-C we are talking about, except possibly the D5200.

Law of Physics still rules earth. Last time I check Canon 18mp APS-C (which is 4-yr-old sensor) seems still have 1/2 stop better high ISO than E-M5 (latest within one year sensor).

Then you need to check again here. E-M5 ahead of or on a par with the least as well as the most expensive Canon APS-C DSLR for DR at all ISOs.

DPR E-M5 vs Canon 600D/T3i ISO 6400

better tracking moving subjects

Which APS-C DSLRs are you talking about? And what evidence would you cite?

I own 60D. Here are few snapshots from 60D

60D can do lots more such as BIF (check birdman50 in 60D forum), car sports, family sports, events, no mention 7D. In a given event and site, 60D can take much more precise and critical moments that E-M5 would miss. 60D PDAF locking and tracking speed, handling, OVF, burst rate and buffer depth..still lead E-M5 comfortably. Just think about how many otherwise memorable and invaluable critical moments of running kids will be missed by sluggish CDAF and EVF lagging, sigh

I asked for evidence (directly comparable tests), not a repetition of your claims or samples showing nothing. I am still waiting.

and also a bit sharper (due to less magnification).

You've still got to learn that part. No difference in sharpness on this ground.

Larger crop magnification, more crop penalty so we are talking about 2.0x vs 1.6x. You know crop magnification = digital zooming.

That applies when you use your FF lenses on your APS-C DSLR. Then you usually lose resolution due to the fact that the lens used is not designed for the sensor. If you use native MFT lenses on a MFT sensor, there is no loss of resolution.

Otherwise sport PJs and wildlife photog don't need to lug around a native 600mm lens. All you needed is a very cheap and small 30mm lens thru 20x crop, right?

Operation vs IQ/versatility advantage.

It's a mistake to put those two in contradistinction to one another. I gain IQ/versatility by using MFT gear. With an APS-C DSLR, the camera and lenses would be heavier/bulkier, so I'd be carrying less equipment.

mFT is for small and light only operation advantage, and is not even cheaper. Then APS-C no mention FF has lots more versatility and flexibility that can do everything mFT and mirrorless can do but lots more.

What good is it if a system can do everything you want unless you have it with you? I can get more versatility/flexibility and thus better higher IQ at my weight limit than I could with an APS-C or FF DSLR. For a normal outing, I might take the E-M5 with with the 7-14, the 14-45, the 40-150, the 7.5 FE, the 12/2, the 20/1.7, and the 45/1.8. That's about 1.6 kg altogether. Which Canon DSLR gear would you carry at the same weight limit?

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