S95 - Flash and Shutter Speed in Auto - Defective Camera?

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Re: S95 - Flash and Shutter Speed in Auto - Defective Camera?

Thanks again for all the great info. Tips aside, I am trying to determine if the camera is defective. Even though there are better settings, in auto mode with the flash on, shouldn't the canera set the shutter speed at a fixed 1/60? My s95 does not and will set it at 1/15 and lower in low light.


The camera is not defective.  As B1ackhat mentioned, the AUTO mode works like this.

My S100 behaves this way as well.

Again, if your intention is to use the Flash, put it in P mode and set the Flash to ON. You will get a shutter speed of 1/60, instead of the unpredictable shutter speeds of the AUTO mode.

P mode is still mostly automatic, but much more predictable operation compared to fully AUTO.

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