Help! Odd behaviour using Nikkor 24-70 mm lens

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Re: Help! Odd behaviour using Nikkor 24-70 mm lens

No... it didn't go completely dark. What it looked like is if you put the lens on, take off the cap, but forget to turn on the camera. You get that dim view, as if the aperture was closed up.

It gets weirder. I took the lens and camera to my local camera store, which I know very well. One of the staff took my 24-70, put it on a D800 - and it worked fine! Nice and bright, no problems focusing. We even put it on a D5200 - no problems that we could tell.

So, is it my camera? We put on another FX lens, the 70-300, on my D3s, and again, the image is bright and clear. No focusing or other issues. But when we returned my 24-70 to my D3s, the same problem came up. The staff member even tried cleaning the contacts.

Unfortunately, the store didn't have another 24-70 to try. Right now, it seems as if my copy of the 24-70 doesn't work with my D3s. Suddenly. It was fine a couple of weeks before. Go figure.

I'm trying to locate another 24-70 to try on my D3s to rule out the camera.

Very, very, very odd.

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