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Re: Hi Darrel, hope you don't mind me chiming in here

rovingtim wrote:

Darrell500 wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

plus, what has happened is that at last Olympus has closed the gap, not somehow zoomed ahead. The Em5 noise profile is VERY similar to a 5 year old (that's half a DECADE) D300, and at base ISO

NOT TRUE! I have subscriptions to a half dozen photo magazines, one of the oldest with the most respected testing labs had this to say about the E5, (not EM5). I have articles from three independent labs if you like I will post all but here is an excerpt from PopPhoto lab reports.

The E-5 turned in a very impressive 2270 lines in our test, which is a significant jump from the E-3’s score of 2020 lines.

Well, yes. More mp's and a lighter AA. However, I for one don't think this is an important factor in IQ.

Sure, it trails Canon’s EOS 7D, which achieved 2610 lines, but considering that the 7D has an 18MP sensor, you might expect a bigger difference. Nikon’s D300s, another 12.3MP camera in this price range, managed 2340 lines but also trailed the E-5 in noise performance.

... which is a good thing, eh?

At all sensitivity levels save their shared maximum of ISO 6400, this Olympus had lower noise than the D300s—which says a lot, given that Nikon has been a league leader in noise control in recent years. Both the E-5 and the Nikon D300s had Unacceptable noise levels in our test at ISO 6400, though Canon’s 7D managed to keep noise in the acceptable range at ISO 6400. Still, the E-5 outperformed the Canon in noise control from ISO 100 through ISO 1600.

So your claims are just plain inaccurate since the E5 beats the D300s through all sensitivity levels and beats the 7D through ISO 1600, equals it at 3200 losing out at 6400.

In a well exposed shot, the E5 might have the same noise as a D300s, but that's certainly not true in the shadows. If you try to pull the shadows up on any Oly sensor except the EM5, your will run into trouble long before something like the D300s, for example. That is, I think, what Big Ga is talking about.

There is a lot more information in the shadows of a D300s file than there is in an E5 file. There is about the same amount in a EM5 file. Noise is the limiting factor when you're pulling shadows.

Looking at the noise in the comparometer here the E-5 looks to be about on par with the D300s    where at ISO 3200 the D300s shows a clear shadow noise advantage but throughout the range shows less detail... So while the D300s has better shadows the E-5 seems to have better detail even at ISO 3200 (look at the bank notes).

Having said that the EM5 clearly beats the D300s for both detail and shadow noise when both displayed at their native sizes... if we were to uprez the D300s it would look even worse in the comparison.

People like to wail on the E-5, it is a very good camera, shadow lifting isnt the pivotal factor in IQ.

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