7d or 5d Mark ii?

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Re: 7d or 5d Mark ii?

MAC wrote:

Rene71 wrote:

Hi there,

I scrolled through many of the interesting discussions on DP Review. And still I am not able to decide.

Currently my setup is a Canon Eos 20D +

Tamron DI 17-35 1:2.8 - 4

Canon EF 50mm 1: 1.8 (adorable lens for the price imho)

Canon EF 70-200 1:4 L

Actually I was thinking to choose between a 60D body or the 7D. However one of the replies I got was: hey, why not go for a 2nd hand 5d Mark ii. Then I started looking for that possibility. 60d is dropped from the choices list. The 6d is yet another price bracket higher so out of reach for me.

I can get my hands on a 1 year old 5d Mark ii with less than 10.000 clicks for approximately the same price as a new 7d. So actually, I wonder if I should go for a 5d Mark ii knowing that its technique is already surpassed by newer cameras with better AF, better lowlight etc.etc.

I hope someone can give some thoughts.

Thanks in advance!



you don't have the glass to make the 5dii sing.

can you afford the new sigma 35 f1.4 art? that lens would make the 5dii sing.

the 5dii sings with glass f1.2- f2

otherwise, go with 60d. The 60d is only 1 stop in high iso behind

He has the 70-200 f4 L that lens should quite happily 'sing' on a 5D II, his 50 f1.8 is not a bad performer either and meets your criteria of f1.2 - f2.

I generally always suggest investing in glass first but in this case he has the long end covered and just needs a better 50mm probably the EF 50 f1.4.

He could add the old EF 35 f2 or the EF 28 f1.8 at a later date for not much money, but he will get good results with what he has just now and to be honest I found the 5D series was superb even with the 24-105 L kit lens at f4, not every picture is a candidate for razor thin depth.

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