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Re: SD or CF for 5D Mark III For Video

Richard wrote:

LoogieXX wrote:

Any benchmarks out there for what gives you the best performance SD or CF with the 5D Mark III ?

I have been using transend cards for a long time after reading Rob Gs site on speeds. The problem is my older cards would not keep up using 720p video recording on my 7d and the 7d would exit record mode. Now these are some old and slow CF cards (4gb 120x) which is why I am getting another one. (I have been shoot raw on the 7d and it uses up cards very fast)

I am planning on getting a 5d3 once the prices come down but I need another card now for my other cameras, that I want to eventually using the the 5d3.

I have seen the performance of SD cards and will not be buying one.

So my question is. Will this card function for full 1080p video and 6fps for the 5d3? It is a great price at 50 dollars and will prevent me from having to change out the CF card as often when I am shooting raw.

My old 4gb 120x does accoring to Robs website
12.3MB/s 12.7MB/s burst of 16

The new one above one above is the 32gb version and assume it will do within a couple of mb of the 16gb
Transcend 400X 16GB CF I
16GB 31.6MB/s 37.3MB/s 36

So will this card be able to capture 1080p video with no issues?

This card is reasonalby priced as 50 dollars for 32gb. Perhaps it would be good to know how fast the data transfer of video on the 5d3 is.

I have that card and I have shot 12 minutes of 1080p video to it with my 5D3. The 64gb version looks tempting...
The SD slot on the 5D3 is indeed dreadfully slow. I read somewhere on DPR that just having a SD card in the SD slot slows down transfer to the CF slot, even if the SD card is not being used. I haven't tested that, but I know that writing raw to CF and JPEG to SD slows the burst rate down horribly.

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