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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

technic wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

I keep hearing people referring to the RX100's 'soft corners' almost like it's anything just off the centre area.

When I first investigated this on my RX100 and looked at 100% crops I was initially disappointed as it was soft in the corners. But then I zoomed out and realised the area I was inspecting was 100% of a 20 MP image, and it was only the tiniest part of the extreme corners that was affected.

Downsized to any normal printing size and it won't even be noticeable. I've never printed anything larger than 8x12", which is only around an 8MP image at 300dpi (and of course if need to you crop at all there go the corners anyway).

So my conclusion is that the RX100's corner softness is only really a concern when you are pixel peeping and does not have any practical impact on my photos.

I don't agree - in general, it is easily visible even in scaled down images (e.g. 5 MPixel resolution), taken at WA setting and with apertures like f/2 -f/4. I have no doubt this is quite visible on a good 8x12" print. Stopped down to f/5.6-f/8 and at less extreme zoom settings I agree there is probably little to complain about.

I'm not talking about the extreme corners (the outer 1-2% is VERY soft at most settings, but that is not what I'm talking about) but most of the border/corner area, more like 25% of the total image. Maybe you have a very good copy with perfectly aligned lens etc. But most people who deny the soft corners on RX100 seem to be people shooters who don't care about corners at all, or suggest you can crop them off anyway ...

Well I took up the challenge by printing out some test charts to compare lens sharpness of the RX100 from center to corner. I was intent on proving you wrong, but to my disappointment I found you are in fact 100% correct.

This has added to a growing list of disappointments I have experienced with the RX100 - on top of close-up focusing, image stabilisation, ergonomics. These I can live with and work around, but now you have drawn my attention to it the corner softness is really noticeable now and has caused me to reach tipping point with this camera. Too many compromises have been made in cramming such a large sensor into such a small body - I'm selling it and moving on!

I see you have made a contribution to my Am I crazy? Considering selling my RX100 and getting a Canon G15 or Panasonic LX7 thread over in the Canon forums (I made another post in the Panasonic forum here that sparked a lot of debate). I have since become very interested in seeing what the Fuji X20 offers - it is due to start shipping at the end of the month. It looks very promising, but still no lab test shots yet so we can really compare image quality.

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