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Re: You have one BIG Problem...or do you???

Port Royal Dad wrote:

The 430EX flash is a slave flash only; it cannot function as a master. For instance, if your main flash was a 580EX (for example) it can control all number of slave flash units: power output, ratio, HSS, etc. On the other hand you don't mention what camera body you are using. The newer bodies have the integrated speedlight controller. Meaning the pop up flash is the master controlling the 430EX slave. The limitation is that the system needs line-of-sight to function reliably.

Regards, Mike

Thanks Mike.

I have a 60D, and I'm just experimenting, using the popup to trigger the 430EX as a slave.

When the 430EX is in the hotshoe, I can set it to manual and, based on the selected power, it tells me the distance for a "correct" flash exposure.

When it's off the camera, as a slave, I can set it to manual and set the power, but then it doesn't give me any indication for distance.  I *think* maybe that's because it no longer knows what the aperture (and ISO) is.  And I can't select the aperture on the flash.  I'm wondering if it's possible to set the aperture on any flash units, like the 580EX or 430EX II.  I was reading Understanding Flash Photography by Bryan Peterson, and it sounded like that's what he was doing.



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