Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Kings1 wrote:

The people I know that own Canon and Nikon aren't like that at all, except for one person. He honestly believes Nikons are so much better than a Sony. I asked who made the sensors for many of Nikons, but he didn't know. He was surprised to find out it was Sony from another Nikonowner as well as me.

Most of the newer DSLR and SLT cameras can produce good if not great pictures in the hands of someone who knows how to use them. I'd take the Canon owner's remarks with a grain of salt, clearly they are a fool to insult others....

I have a Nikon buddy and a Canon buddy, the Canon buddy has a 7D with tamron 70-200. From my experience with that lens, it is my next purchase in K mount. Neither of them are snobby, and from a 7D and D7000, they are both envious of my K5 in many respects. Perhaps the guy in the OP's story was just being rude because he was a stranger, perhaps a sony user had irked him in the past. I have seen many brand pride warriors in every forum here, including sony (and pentax). I think this story should have been about a photographer who is an idiot, not a canon user who is an idiot. This kind of labeling will only spur other canikon owners to take offense, and give you another story to tell.

And it is about the photographer, but the key to a good story is in the details, and the fact is he was shooting a Canon. Like I said, I have zero issues with what other folks choose to shoot. If he wouldn't have been such an a**hat, I would have liked to talk to him about his gear. Honestly, I was less offended by the poke at my gear and more by the insinuation that I was somehow an inferior photographer because of the brand I choose to use. I mean, jeez...we were all just taking pictures of ducks.


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