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Re: No so true anymore...

Yes, it's not as long as the days of film.  But even so, I'm still assuming that the lifecycle of a lens is still much longer than that of a sensor.  I'd surmise that a successor to the DP series is bound to come up within 2 years.  However, the new Sigma lens refresh will likely be here for a good decade or so.

Point being that over that time: the lens stays relevant for of a good deal longer (with no replacement in sight), whereas you need to keep upgrading the DP body/lens in order to avoid obsolescence (and keep losing money with each buy/sell cycle).

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

kuri wrote:

Just my two cents, but I'm of the opinion that buying fixed lens cameras are actually worse investments than lenses.. I agree that the DPs cost similar to L lenses, but L lenses (or lenses in general) will still remain relevant even when sensor technologies improve.

To some degree this is true. But technology is a beast that changes ALL things. Look at Sigma's new lenses - they support multi-point microfotcus adjustment via USB collar. This is a capability that cannot be retro-fitted onto older lenses, so if something like that becomes popular every existing L lens is obsolete.

Not to mention that over time coatings and AF motors and optics also improve, so that older lenses that were once very good on newer cameras with higher resolution sensors, could easy show substantial CA, or not be sharp across the frame.

With a dedicated lens/sensor combo, you get two elements that are properly paired, like a great wine with a meal.

Barring any refreshes and massive sensor resolution increases of course.

But how can you bar that when it defines the whole photographic industry!

Lenses stay relevant a lot longer compared to camera bodies in general and I'm sure Sigma will replace the existing foveon sensor before it refreshes the newly released 35 1.4 for example.

Possibly - but it's also probable that at that same time a new DP camera would come out. So instead of making do with a 35mm that might not fully perform on a new camera, you could instead sell off the old DP camera, and buy a new one with a lens perfectly tailored to the new sensor in a timeframe much closer to a newer sensor coming out (although a FF SD-1M would probably not result in a FF DP-M camera).

As much as I'm addicted to my DP2M, I know that once a new foveon sensor is out (and new Merrill bodies), I will feel like my existing DP2M has become somewhat obsolete (yes even though it can still take pics). I think you know can see what I'm getting at.

I understand what you are saying, I just don't think lenses have the same half-life they did in the days of film.

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