Landscape Photography: 4/3rds VS APS-C

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Re: Landscapes: tripods, subject motion and ISO

WirenL wrote:

dave gaines wrote: ...

As the light falls you should be shooting landscapes with a tripod, so the difference in high ISO perfromance starts to diminish. ...

I also shoot with a tripod... unfortunately, with the ISO limitations I have to work around shutter speed and the possiblity of moving foliage... I have a few shots that would have been perfect with the exception of obvious movement of some ferns within the image. I shoot mostly as the sun rises when I do landscapes and that has posed problems in the past. I am hopeful for improvement in the sensor to combat that issue nicely in the next 4/3 body.

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Lee Wiren

Hi Lee,

You're right. Moving folliage is still a problem. I try to avoid views with plants in the foreground for really long exposures using ND filters. It's also a problem for macro photos at optimum ISO and normal shutter speeds. You just have to wait for the wind to stop blowing.

I think the E-5 at ISO 400 is still a lot better than anything we had in film less than a dozen years ago. It's lot easier to get a tripod shot with ISO 400 than it was with Kodachrome 25. The E-5 is just behind the competition by a couple of years, or one camera generation. As you said, the next Olympus DSLR should have a better sensor. That's why I believe the best choice of camera revolves around the lenses.

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