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Re: The 14 prime is sharper than zooms

sigala1 wrote:

I judge images based on my own two lying eyes and not artificial results of a computer evulation of sharpness shooting at (presumably black and white) test charts.

Likewise, and I prefer the 14 to the kit zoom on that basis also.

1. Sharpness is only ONE aspect of image quality which is overtalked about because it's easiest to measure. I was talking about overally IMAGE QUALITY and not sharpness.

Yep, agreed. Again, I prefer the 14 here for colour, microcontrast etc. (Oddly enough I don't like the 20mm's colour and would take a kit zoom over it, colour-wise.)

2. It's not fair to compare the 14mm pancake to the zoom at the same focal length, because f/3.5 is wide open on the kit but stopped down on the pancake. If you stop the kit zoom down a little at 14mm, it becomes very sharp, and that link didn't test that.

Well, Lenstip did, and it doesn't get anywhere near as sharp as the 14, even at it's best.

14mm prime

Oly 14-42, centre

Oly 14-42, edge

It's fine to prefer the kit zoom on the basis of colour, rendering, CA etc, but don't fool yourself about it matching a prime.

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