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Re: Flash question

lnguyenh wrote:

Try the manual way, at least a few times! It will demystify the whole thing. There is no magic. You dial the flash output power, and the zoom, and the flash will produce a flash according to these settings. Have your camera in manual mode when you do this, with a shutter speed slower than the max sync speed of your camera which is usually around 1/200 (try faster, and you ll just see more or less black in the resulting picture). I am not saying you should always use all manual, but it will make you understand what happens.

Thanks.  Yeah, I definitely want to try manual.  I'll have more control, and I think it will be more fun!

I get it regarding setting power & zoom.  I assume after a while I'll get the hang of knowing how to try setting the initial exposure.  But, initially, it would be easiest if the flash gave me a distance setting based on the power and aperture (and zoom).  I thought maybe some flashes did that ... at least that's how it sounded in the book I was reading.

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