Panasonic 45-150 zoom (silver) for $199 at BHphoto

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Guy Parsons
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45-150mm plus dioptres... more...

Vaughan Williams wrote:

Me too. I love the de-limiter to keep it at close focus distance.

I would never use the 45-150 for serious macro work. It's just that at its closest focus of about 3 ft it is useful for getting a reasonably sized 'record' shot of a butterfly, before moving in closer with the 60mm to get a proper shot (as long as it doesn't fly off, of course). So I thought maybe the Raynox, or something like it, might keep the 3 ft close focus but magnify the image slightly to give a slightly larger sized record shot. From what you say I would probably be better off sticking with the 'naked' lens and just cropping slightly in post processing.

Just now dug out the Nikon 4T (52mm double element +2.9 dioptre) and on the Pana 45-150mm at 150mm I get this......

Infinity focus, working distance 330mm approx and about 21mm across frame = 1:1.2 macro.

Closest focus, distance about 220mm and about 16mm across frame = 1.08:1 macro.

Anyway easier to handle with that dioptre strength than the too strong Raynox 250. Maybe about +2 or +1.5 dioptre would be an even more sensible choice for those larger critters.

With that combination at a lower zoom setting it may be indeed possible to slowly creep up on some nervous critters, but still nothing like 3 feet away.

Have a nice time in New Zealand - look forward to seeing the results.

Hmmm, raining here in Sydney, will probably follow us to NZ, got raincoats and umbrellas ready !

Regards...... Guy


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