Weather proof NEX?

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Re: Weather proof lens?

verybiglebowski wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

What with sony still continuin with APSC alpha mount cameras what do you think the chances are of sony bringing out a weather proof NEX.

I'm currently tearing my hair out trying to decide whether to swap systems from m4/3. Both systems are starting to have a fair numbr of lenses but I'm not sure which wait would be longer, peaking in m4/3 or weather sealing in NEX.

How would that help, when there are no weather sealed lenses, neither for NEX or m4/3?

New line of lenses? With Sony everything is possible though. Such a WP 18-200 PZ LE wouldn't surprise me at all...

I'm sorta hoping if they do a weather sealed camera they'd do weather sealed lenses. After all, the higher end alphas are now weather sealed, but AFAIK there is only one weather sealed (DT) lens. It seems as they refresh the linup though more are planned to become weather sealed.

There is always this thought and it's sort of a chicken and egg sort of senario. People said it when olympus announced that the 12-50 would be weather sealed, and everyone was moaning that there was no weather sealed camera to go with it. Now we have the 12-50, 60mm macro, 12-35 and 35-100 along with the EM-5 and GH3 which are all weather sealed.

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