Probably the most profound wake-up call on IQ you/I will ever read...

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Speaking personally, I think the message (especially for some people) is very clear. To use the author's own words: "most cameras are better than most photographers."

People who took time to learn how to use small sensor cameras have known this for more than a decade: under optimal conditions the image quality is excellent for prints, and has been since they hit 5 MP around 2001. Some advanced small sensor cameras also had fabulous lenses (Minolta Dimage 7 series is one example). DSLR owners often tried to put down small sensor cameras, but the reality is that in situations with modest DR and good light the print quality is quite comparable.

Unfortunately, often conditions are not optimal, and that's why Reichmann (was it his article?) has not switched to G10 for all of his work.


Reichmann likes using the most expensive gear, and he's also rich so he can afford to buy anything he wants.

But I agree about the DR... if the scene has too much DR, then you can improve things by using a high-DR sensor.

The G10 had an unusually good lens... it's not clear that the latest Canon compacts have such a good lens.

I'm finding the G15 lens is more than good enough for me. JPEG straight from the camera:

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