Minolta 7d questions

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Re: Minolta 7d questions

Lopsco wrote:

I have been looking at the Nikon D100 for a while now, but I am curious if the Minolta 7D is better? Plus, if the Minolta is only digital lenses or can I use film lenses as well? I have an Olympus that I am disappointed with because it seems to only want digital lenses and I am one that enjoys my digital camera to be as close to film, in quality, as possible.

The 7D uses Minolta/Sony A-mount lenses - that includes "film" lenses. Additionally there are adaptors to allow the use of Minolta MC/MD lenses on any Minolta/Sony A-mount DSLR.

This, with a Minolta MD 50mm macro on a Minolta 7D

This, with a Minolta MD 500mm Cat lens on a Minolta 7D

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