What is this fascination with iso6400?

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it's about taking pictures, regardless of the settings

Adventsam wrote:

Do you think you will get quality images at iso6400 with any system, ever?

What is "quality" varies greatly from person to person. Quality to a pro photographer and quality to parents of small children will probably be vary different.

they may be ok but useful for what exactly?

Taking photos without flash and getting decent/good results.

even 3200 is the max you want to be at, shotts above these iso's are really because there is no alternative,

Why choose 3200 as being an arbitrary stopping point?  It should and will keep going higher and higher.  Plus remember that people seem to be viewing photos smaller and smaller with many people only viewing photos on their phones which allows for "quality" photos at higher ISO's because it will be viewed 4 inches on the long side and not zoomed into 100% pixel view like many people do on here to determine image "quality".

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