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Re: I'm missing something

yray wrote:

I find all this "I'm going to Canon", "I'm going to Olympus", Sony, etc talk a bit strange. The people who actually feel strongly about "missing" cameras/lenses/etc in the current Nikon lineup are probably the very same people who invested thousands, maybe tens of thousands $$ into Nikon already.

I agree it makes little sense to switch vendors over one little widget (although a pro with a show-stopper need may have little choice).

But there comes a point when a customer decides that the direction the vendor is taking doesn't match his or her needs.

For 5 years I watched Nikon putting nearly all of their effort into FX leaving DX in limbo. They did produce a mirrorless offering. And I would most likely have gone for it had it come with an APS-C sensor. But it didn't.

Add to that some really irritating policy issues (warranty, grey-market, parts etc.) and a software strategy that has been a complete disaster by any standards and you start to feel totally out of sync with your invested brand.

I sincerely hope Nikon finds a way to get back on track with DX. I have quite a few friends that are heavily invested in D200/D300 gear.

In any event, I'm pretty happy with my switch. I knew life on the other side wouldn't be perfect and it isn't. But it's decent and I am not alone. Frankly I was shocked by the number of ex-Nikon shooter with very similar concerns that are now inhabiting the NEX forums here and elsewhere.

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