What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: This is

dosdan wrote:

If shooting raw & using a camera with an Exmor sensor with low read noise and low FPN, this LV 2 shot could have been taken at ISO400 or ISO 800 and boosting it in PP with a raw converter where you can apply big boosts (here 4 stops if you took the shot at ISO400), and which doesn't try and optimsie when you adjust the rendered image brightness (ie. use RawTherapee instead of LR).

Shooting this way would have preserved 4 stops of headroom, because individual sensels are much less likely to have reached FWC, When boosting in PP you could have then have fiddled with the TRC and had a better chance of rendering the bright lit areas. Think of it as much superior highlight recovery method.

Thanks for the thought; I'll give it a try.  The idea of deliberately underexposing so much seems a bit weird (I normally 'expose to the right' as far as possible) but I take your point.

BTW, is the haze in the brighter areas smoke/incense, air pollution or lens glare?

As Mosswings points out below - some smoke from the fires, general haze, and innumerable mosquitoes!

Best wishes

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