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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

Again, not fujis problem. Their sensor works perfectly with their software, simple as that. Short of breaking intoadobe and doind the work fr them there is little else they can do. This is an adobe problem no one elses.

designdog wrote:

Actually I have written to Adobe, and have spoken to my contacts there (I am a beta tester.) Adobe can be stubborn, intractable, and a royal pain. (Kind of like Apple.)

Unfortunately, there is little incentive for Adobe to do much here. The x trans has a minor market share, and PhaseOne is not exactly breathing down Adobe's back. The way this gets done, in my experience, is that the guy that most benefits from the work gets the skids greased, camps out in the other guy's offices, and, in general helps out and cajoles the process through completion.

That guy is Fuji. Sending a pile of data may be helpful if there was a huge incentive to pull this thing along, but there is not. Just look here, at the Canon, Nikon, and Sony activity vs everything else. In short, Adobe could care less.

Fuji has got to get this fixed. SilkyPix is not the answer. At some point the novelty factor, the "Leica look" is going to wear off. And for many, like for me, it just wont be worth the hassle...

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