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designdog wrote:

nixda wrote:

I am not sure I understand what you mean. What is it that you want to get out of PS that you can't get by going through C1 first? After all, you need to go through ACR first to get your images into PS. That should be fairly equivalent for final image touchup.

When you use C1, or any other raw processor except LR and PS, you must save the file to a jpeg or tiff before moving to Photoshop. You can no longer edit it as a raw file. Say you did this or that edit in PS, and you wanted to readjust the white balance, or the tone. If you brought the raw file into Photoshop from ACR you could do that. Also, as a smart object from Lightroom.

With the tiff/jpeg from C1, you are stuck. Also, many Lightroom presets work specifically with raw files. They use camera profiles (VSCO) and Lightroom/PS uses lens and camera profiles in the edit.

I understand that TIFFs have a lot of parameters baked into them, but if you wanted to adjust white balance you'd have to go back to the RAW processor in any case. Either you go back to ACR or to C1. PS isn't a RAW processor, and neither is LR. It might not be quite so convenient to have to get out of PS, go to C1 and back to PS again, but it's not that bad either. Obviously, though, it's a deal breaker to you, and that's totally legitimate.

A potential alternative route is to use AccuRAW and work with linear DNG files. They would contain only demosaiced data and open in ACR where you can do the usual adjustments, then go to PS and iteratively hone your image between ACR and PS.

Adobe did a good job with the X100 raw files. They even have lens profiles for the camera and the wide lens adapter. It all stopped when Fuji whent to the X Trans. (I think the in camera processing might do the same thing for the Fuji x lenses, but I am not sure if this works on raw files.)

It would be interesting to find out how many people put their workflow above equipment. Given that any decent camera system nowadays can be used to take decent pictures that will satisfy most situations, my question is: has software become more important than hardware? I know for many people it has, but I'd be interested in finding out for how many, and whether that fraction is growing or shrinking.

For me, this is not a case of workflow above equipment. I certainly enjoy my camera equipment. I also enjoy the process of selecting, processing, and publishing images. One is not more important than the other, but one need not subjugate the other.

Well, if you are willing to give up your equipment, rather than your software, then your software seems to be more important than your equipment.

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