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Re: I'm missing something

yray wrote:

I find all this "I'm going to Canon", "I'm going to Olympus", Sony, etc talk a bit strange. The people who actually feel strongly about "missing" cameras/lenses/etc in the current Nikon lineup are probably the very same people who invested thousands, maybe tens of thousands $$ into Nikon already.

This is a small and picky bunch, and I'm inclined to believe that in spite of all the outpouring of dissatisfaction, most of these folks won't sell out years' worth of accumulated cameras, lenses, and other Nikon gear, -- no doubt at a significant loss, -- to pack up and go someplace else just to realize shortly thereafter that the other side is also missing some critical piece of gear or functionality.

I'm sure some may add a camera or a lens, or two from a competing brand, but all things considered I don't see a wholesale exodus because the competition at the moment may happen to have that highly desirable extra stop of high ISO DR or the invaluable extra FPS. I suspect Nikon isn't worried too much either, their bread and butter is probably coming from sub-D7000 sales, and definitely from sub-D300.

With this in mind, I'm not waiting anymore, nor am I going anywhere. Life on the Nikon side isn't that miserable after all.

I haven't left Nikon yet precisely because I have a lens inventory that would cost a lot to replace.  But, for the first time ever in the ~10 years I've been a Nikon dSLR customer, I am unsure if Nikon wants me as a customer given that I shoot action and am not going to spend $6k on a D4.  In the last 5+ years, Nikon has not come out with an improved camera for what I shoot and there are not even rumors that they are going to come out with such a camera and there are hoards of existing Nikon shooters predicting that Nikon will not create anything for people like me.  Meanwhile, as a company they've gone in other directions, expanded their FX line (with cameras that are not great at shooting action) and built a new CX line.

So, for the first time ever, I don't know if I'm going to remain a Nikon customer.  As such, I'm not buying any more Nikon lenses or accessories.  If/when a competitor comes out with something that's good for shooting action, I will investigate.  Nikon has moved me from a very pro-Nikon customer who evangelized the benefits of their products, spent lots of money on lenses, upgraded bodies and accessories and figured I'd be a Nikon shooter for life to someone who is now open to any other brand that offers a serious upgrade to what I have now.  I have money ready to be spent on an appropriate upgrade, but Nikon isn't offering an appropriate product.

So, I haven't left yet, but for the first time in 10 years, I'm ready to leave if/when something better comes along even if I have to take a financial hit on the lenses.  Perhaps Nikon doesn't care if they lose me or other customers like me, but they used to offer the best products for action shooters (both D700 and D300) and now they seem to only care to serve serious action shooters if they're willing to spend 3x as much as a D300 on a $6000 D4.

I find this whole thing very odd.  Nikon says they want to own every segment in dSLRs, but they've completely abandoned the mid-range action shooter in both FX and DX.  Or perhaps somebody in marketing thinks that a step downwards in AF, fps and build to the D7000 or D600 is somehow a substitute.  It isn't for me.  I'm not buying either of those products.

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